Battlefield V – Multiplayer Review

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– [James] Hello Battlefield fans. This year we’re splitting up the Battlefield V review into its single and multiplayer components with a full review to follow. This video covers the multiplayer only.

Be sure to check out the single player and overall reviews in the video description. (“Legacy” by Johan Soderqvist and Patrik Andren) (soldier speaking in foreign language) With all the development muscle behind EA Dice’s massive shooter, I didn’t expect going in that playing Battlefield V’s multiplayer would feel so much like discovering a very promising early access game. There’s a sizeable number of modes and bug fixes still to be delivered and it feels as though the good will of free future DLC has led to the release of a less complete product now. To its credit, a cavalcade of clever gameplay changes succeeds in changing the series standard 64-player warfare in a more tactical direction, but the execution simply feels rushed.

Still, there’s plenty of dynamic FPS fun to be had in the Battlefield V today and I could see it becoming one of the best in the series history after some substantial updates. (soft violin music) Across all of its current multiplayer modes, Battlefield V’s default mechanic takes a bold step towards the hardcore. Health regeneration is limited, the time to kill is reduced and the spotting system is almost entirely removed. But the revisions are more thoughtful than simply adopting all of the hardcore rules. For example, while time to kill is generally faster, sniper rifles deal less damage than ever before, letting a snappier feeling to gunplay without excessively disrupting the class’s balance and power.

And in lieu of the entire removal of 3D spotting, only a handful of gadgets and certain combat traits can now place that infamous red circle over enemy’s heads. These changes aim to emphasize team play, satisfy gunplay and immersion and all of them find their marks. The incentives for coordinating with your four-person squad are so strong they’re borderline coercive.

The scarcity of vital health and ammunition resources collectively dubbed the attrition system succeeded in making me go out of my way to work with my squad and strengthen class identity, but felt a little heavy handed at times. Retreating in search of a friendly medic or a supply station rarely led to any interesting moments. Being able to scavenge from enemy corpses on the other hand encouraged me to take a lot of fun risks. The ability for anyone to revive a squadmate regardless of class is another welcome incentive to stick together, glitching and awkward it may be. (suspenseful music) Across the board, the 37 firearms of Battlefield V feel fantastic. Pronounced and predictable recoil replaces the random-feeling spray of Battlefield 1.

Each class has access to an assortment of seven to eight primaries, that with the exception of the medic, who can only wield SMGs, present a variety of playstyle options. The support class possesses the greatest variance with access to shotguns, LMGs, devastating MMGs that must be deployed to aim, and the FG42 which in Battlefield V anyway, behaves like an assault rifle. And it’s fun to unlock flashy but period-appropriate weapon skins that flaunt your achievements. Battlefield V introduces a specialization system which in theory allows you to further tailor a weapon to your preferred playstyle, but most choices are uninteresting stat tweaks that ironically diminish the effects of Battlefield V’s brand new recoil system. Vehicle specializations are generally much more alluring, offering more meaningful and visual alterations.

Each infantry class can now choose from two combat roles that with the exception of the sniper and pathfinder, feel like a total afterthought. Battlefield V boasts 26 era-appropriate vehicles, a number that absolutely dwarfs its predecessor’s paltry eight at launch. And yet part of me misses the rampant chaos caused by the admittedly overtuned elite units, cavalry and behemoths of Battlefield 1. Tanks can be fun and whizzing around in a spitfire is neat, but I can’t help but feel that the relationship between vehicles and infantry in Battlefield V is overly binary. I’ve never enjoyed hate picking the assault class to destroy enemy armor, but since Battlefield V tanks are much more difficult to avoid than their BF1 ancestors, that’s exactly what I found myself doing.

Similarly, you will be bombed. When you are, you will either choose to bring your current objective to a grinding halt to track down an anti-aircraft gun or tank or just keep going and accept that bombing’s a part of life. (dramatic violin music) Eight maps are available in Battlefield V as of launch and while I’m not a fan of the extensive labyrinth of identical unfurnished apartments in Rotterdam, I felt the other seven maps to be quite enjoyable. Fjell 652 takes place on a high altitude Norwegian mountain overlooking the entirety Norwich map and is objected to intense and atmospheric snow storms. Twisted steel is built around a massive bridge that serves as both a spectacular landmark and a functional mechanism to add a linear lane to the map’s familiar open environment speckled with rural villages.

Fortifications can be constructed on any map and are situationally useful. And that’s all I have to say about building. Unfortunately, even the good maps don’t always stand up to the test of being ported to seven different modes. It’s spread across three playlists. The modes themselves are all over the place, especially in the infantry-focused playlist where Frontline lasts many times longer than Team Deathmatch or Domination. There’s a particularly messy portion in Frontlines on Twisted Steel where the defending team has a clear vantage directly into the attacker’s bomb spawn.

On more than one occasion on the Frontlines version of Narwich. I spawned outside of the boundaries, at one point resulting in an unavoidable death due to desertion and that’s part of a disappointing trend because Battlefield V is frankly littered with bugs. Some are of the superficial and even comical variety, but quite a few others have a major, at times, game breaking impact. In total, I had to exit a match or relaunch Battlefield V more than a dozen times in my 60 hours because of menus getting stuck open with no way to close or match timers and objectives bugging out. Also the all-too-frequent appearance of my glitches and sticky geometry conveys a general lack of polish. (soft violin music) the feeling of getting in on the ground floor is something that will inevitably be much better mere months now is unavoidable while playing Battlefield V’s multiplayer.

Squad play and infantry combat in general is taken in a very worthwhile direction with smart tweaks to guns and resources. But the same care hasn’t been applied throughout. Rampant bugs, wildly varying mode times in similar playlists and how big features like combat roles take their toll. The good news is that patches are already rolling out and with a year or more of free maps and modes on the way, Battlefield V can only get better from here. For more on Battlefield V, watch our review of the single player campaign plus the first 15 minutes of gameplay and standby for the full review.

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Growing Old Gambling

(gentle music) (slot machines chime in background) VOICEOVER: If you gamble, know the warning signs. (chip rattles) Know the risks. (electronics hum) (rattlesnake rattles) (quiet, intense music) NARRATOR: These slots are not your grandma’s one-armed bandits.

Today’s casino games are interactive and immersive. Casino gambling is moving to the next level. DR. ROBERT HUNTER: The ability to gamble on your phone, the ability to gamble through your TV set, that makes me a little nervous, just because that’s never happened before.

JERRY BAUERKEMPER: My prediction is in the next 10 or 15 years, our millennial’s will be out of the casinos and on the phones gambling. But our older adults are still, they’re land-based, they’re walls-and-concrete gamblers.

ELIZABETH: I won a jackpot of $35,000 one time. It was always the draw of, can it happen again? It did, it does.

And so that kept me going.

NARRATOR: As the gambling industry zeroes in on millennial’s, older players continue to put millions into a proven, highly addictive technology, the slot machine. BAUERKEMPER: The odds are so much stacked against you. ELIZABETH: I pretty much started dipping into my 401K at age 59 1/2. I’ll be 63 next month.

NARRATOR: Gambling is fun entertainment for most. But for those that are addicted, it can be destructive. BAUERKEMPER: If you’re a million dollars in, is there a jackpot out there that you can win that’s gonna get you out from underneath that?

Then you have to take bigger bets, and so you get deeper and deeper. DON FEENEY: You can make the argument that the generation that is most susceptible for develop gambling as a problematic behavior are baby boomers.

(quiet, intense music) (quiet, intense music) JERRY BAUERKEMPER: Older adults have more time, more resources, than younger adults, and they are more willing to go places, socially. Young people are stuck on their phone.

That’s how they socialize.

They play games, they talk to each other with Twitter. Older adults many times use casinos, bingo parlors, keno places, as social places. It’s a place to go, it’s my night out. Wouldn’t you go someplace where everyone was like you? And so they’re all congregating there. (slot game chimes) (upbeat tropical music) NARRATOR: Online video slots are gaining popularity with today’s older adults.

Slots consistently ranked in the top 10 in app stores.

Social games offer free play, and entice users to pay for extras. Social casino games have a $3.4 billion emerging market, according to industry research. Free games, like Candy Crush and Angry Birds, seem destined for the casino betting floor. BAUERKEMPER: The next hybrid of gambling will be kind of a mix between gaming, the Candy Crushes, and gambling, the online, you know, slot machines, or the online poker games.

We’re morphing to a game where casinos can have it on their floor, and on their apps, and so we’re moving slowly from buildings to phones. As we all get more comfortable, and I’m in that older adult age, 55 and older, I’m getting more and more comfortable using my phone for everything.

And so, it’s not a big step as we age, and as basically the apps get easier to use, we will make that transition to your phone. And people will be able to lose their lives, their financial and emotional and physical lives, while looking at an app.

NARRATOR: Jerry Bauerkemper runs a 24-hour gamblers’ hotline. BAUERKEMPER: We have people that answer the phone, in the offices, and then we have people in the evening that are doing it out of their home. We have multiple lines, and so you’re not gonna get a busy signal.

In fact, I got the 2am call last night. And then we will immediately call connect them with a counselor.

And so, they will get someone who knows about gambling, who works with gamblers, absolutely that minute. ELIZABETH: I had a moment of crisis. I was thinking of committing suicide because I had ran out of money to pay rent.

I had no money to pay my credit cards, my cell phone bill.

I had written bad checks. So I felt hopeless, totally hopeless. I’m pulling my hair out because I just wanted to kill myself.

I just had this awful feeling that I had to do it, and I had two ways to do it even, two ways that I was thinking of doing it. And then I decided to call the 1-800-BETSOFF. And they took me to the hospital where I stayed for five days.

(vehicle driving past hospital) NARRATOR: Elizabeth is an actuary for a major Nebraska insurance firm. Her job is to mathematically measure and manage risk. ELIZABETH: Roughly 19 years that I’ve lived in Lincoln, probably didn’t go to the casinos at all, didn’t even know they existed out there.

Kind of pretended like, big deal, I’d rather go to Vegas. NARRATOR: Total Rewards is the nation’s most popular casino and entertainment loyalty program.

ELIZABETH: Got lured in with the coupons that they used to give you. You’d have to show up with them, and they would give you cash or tickets to put in the machines. And the amount of times that we went started to increase. The amounts that I started gambling with increased from pennies, nickels, to quarters, to dollars, to five dollars, to $25 slot machines.

(gentle, quiet music) A constant march to the casino, and I would go in the middle of the night after everybody was asleep. I pretty much started dipping into my 401K at age 59 1/2.

I’ll be 63 next month. So I’ve had a couple of years where I’ve been able to drain that account, which probably had close to $500,000, if not more, in it. I also drained an annuity and an IRA.

So probably close to $750,000, if not more.

I was playing thousands of dollars, maxing out on my credit cards. And if I won, I would put the money back in that week, and then go back to the casino the following week, and withdraw that same $2,000, or whatever cash allowance that I had, and put that back in the machine. Sometimes I would be able to pay it off, and sometimes I would not be able to pay it off. I am a Seven Star player.

I got all of the VIP treatments, gifts, and things of that nature.

I would get coupons for three nights free at one of the hotels. Then there would also be nights where you would win extra tier points, which can translate to cash later on. NARRATOR: With counseling, Elizabeth requested self-exclusion from Iowa casinos.

This lifetime ban is irrevocable, yet it does not include Iowa’s tribal casinos. ELIZABETH: Well, I first blame myself for being so stupid. Secondly I do blame the government for making it a legal entity, which at this point in time in the history of gambling is impossible to burn down.

And third, yes, I do believe the casino enabled me to some degree, yes.

By offering me all these perks. (traffic rumbles) CAROL O’HARE: I think we as people in recovery, we owe something to those who are still struggling. O’HARE: That one. NARRATOR: Carol O’Hare is the Executive Director of the Nevada Council on Problem Gambling in Casinoslots, a crisis intervention and referral group. O’HARE: Recovery is a day-at-a-time process.

But it’s a forever process. By day, I sold computers for a living and explained to intelligent adults how you can’t be smarter than that microchip, and how the computer is operating on a nanosecond, and you can’t be smarter than the computer.

And I would get off work, and proceed right to my local gaming establishment and sit down in front of a computer, a video poker machine, that somehow in that moment, I thought I could be smarter than the nanosecond and the microchip. It’s a very insidious addiction. It hijacks everything that is logical and sane about your thinking, and causes you to act in the most illogical, insane way.

When you look specifically at women, when you look at older women, I can tell you that their faces look very similar.

They typically are women who, they’ve raised their family, they’ve, you know, they’ve had the successful career, they’ve had the good marriage, but as you know, once we get older, you know, life can get tougher. And when you start to experience losses, sort of the perfect storm that can happen, and particularly in a community like Vegas where people may come here to retire. NARRATOR: Las Vegas is a top retirement destination, with 24-hour gambling fun near you.

O’HARE: So you work your whole life, you’ve got this great plan, you executed the plan, you raised your family, you come to Las Vegas, you move into a great retirement community, you and your spouse, and you’re gonna live out your golden years.

And then one of you has a catastrophic illness. Maybe one of you dies. Suddenly you have this person whose golden year plan has been taken out from under them.

ANNA: I was a teacher in Colorado Springs, and so I had saved quite a bit of money there, ’cause there’s not a lot of gambling or anything.

(quiet, intense music) ANNA: So I moved down here with my daughter, and that was my main purpose, was to move here and gamble. I’m 77 years old, and my game of choice was video poker. First started off as the nickel machines, and then quarters, and then I decided, OK, I’ll try the penny machines, you know.

But you can’t win unless you do the max. It’s gonna take all my money, and then I’m going to wind up tryin’ to find ways to pay bills and all that kind of, just misery.

But I couldn’t stop. Just, I don’t know why, what was goin’ on, you know, I would say, “This is horrible, why are you doin’ this?” But then I would still just go do it.

“Well, I get $100, and maybe I won’t “pay that bill now, but maybe I’ll just “pay the late fees, and I’ll do this. ”

But, oh, it’s awful. I had about $50,000 or $60,000 saved, so when I moved down here, I proceeded to lose all of that. DR. ROBERT HUNTER: She’s a prototypical senior patient.

She moved here because she was attracted to gambling, and then her gambling slipped off the rails.

The average age of gamblers in Las Vegas is creepin’ up and up. It’s interesting, though, that a significant percentage, actually over 30% of my patients here at the Problem Gambling Center, are over 51 years of age. So it’s not like this is a small group.

I’m the founder and director of the Problem Gambling Center. We arguably are the largest gambling clinic in the country.

Certainly one of the oldest. There are four or five percent of the population that gambles that just can’t gamble, in the same way there’s a percentage of people that just can’t drink. The neurobiology of addiction is really freakishly similar.

My patients gambling on brain scans look like alcoholics drunk, look like addicts on pain pills.

It’s the same switch that gets thrown. The manifestation of the illness is a little bit different for gamblers, though. It’s a little more devilish, because of that chase phenomenon.

“Well, I’m in trouble, but the only way “to solve the trouble is to do some more of this. ”

“This which is killin’ me is the “only thing that’ll fix me, “so lemme go get my rent money to win back “my car money, lemme go get my 401K money…” It’s that progressive… I’ve never had a late-stage alcoholic say, “If I get drunk just right, my liver will heal.” But my patients sincerely say, “If I could just get $1,000, I’d win back my 401K.”

The overwhelming percentage of problem gamblers that are female play video machines. I think the addiction is in the individual, not in the game, but they are the game of choice for my gamblers. Because my gamblers aren’t really lookin’ for fun or excitement or money, they’re lookin’ for escape.

And the machine is a good avenue for escape. ANNA: Go to G.A., or just you know, a program like this, anything to help yourself. Because it’s going to get worse and worse and worse, and you know, some people actually, ’cause I was actually getting to think, “Oh, suicide,” you know, “I’ve gotta get rid “of myself, I can’t do this anymore.

And “I hate feeling this way.” So get help. O’HARE: You can never be too old to get this addiction, but you can also never be too old to get the recovery, and that’s really the message that we need them to hear. JERRY BAUERKEMPER: Most people think the only form of gambling is casinos.

Almost 50% of them have a gambling problem that is not casino-based.

Sports gambling, scratch-offs, keno. A person last night called on our helpline at 2am, 68-year-old male, middle of our state, who is a keno player, but he’s also a horse player. So he calls our helpline, and he doesn’t go to a casino, he never goes to a casino.

And yet he’s calling us at two in the morning saying, you know, “This is, it’s over my head. “And I’m in big trouble.” (crowd chatters softly) BAUERKEMPER: First of all I train counselors.

I do a lot of training around how counselors should work with gamblers. I wanna concentrate a little bit on the moral reasoning.

Man walked into my office and said, “I need gambling help. ”

And he said, “I robbed people to get gambling money, “only this last time, when I was robbing them, “the person I robbed fell in front of a train.” BAUERKEMPER: Hey, my friend.

NARRATOR: Addiction treatment specialists in the region are here for training at the Wisconsin Council on Problem Gambling Conference in Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin. In the 1990’s, state-sponsored lottery and native American-owned casinos were introduced to Wisconsin. Today, statistics suggest 333,000 state residents have a gambling problem.

Seniors and adolescents have the highest risk of developing a gambling addiction. The average age of female gamblers calling the Wisconsin gambling helpline is 64 years old.

BAUERKEMPER: There’s a lot of people workin’ with alcohol and drugs. There’s a lot of people working with bipolars and depressions. There’s not a lot of people working with people who have gambling issues. They sit in the shadows, and they suffer by themselves.

And they don’t have to. And so my goal is to bring them out, and say, you know, “There’s hope and there’s help for you too.” GAMBLING AD: You could win $1,00 a day for life!

DON FEENEY: You can make the argument that the generation that is most susceptible for develop gambling as a problematic behavior are the baby boomers.

When I started looking at the risk factors for gambling addiction, they seemed to me to be concentrated in baby boomers. Isolation, the sense of guilt, stigma, forbidden fruit, you know, the more repetitive forms of gambling where you can drop an awful lot of money very, very quickly, seem to be where the baby boomers’ preferences lie. Older gamblers seem to be much more drawn to the big jackpot games.

You know, the billion-dollar jackpot holes, much more appeal to them, the fantasy of that. It’s become a very interesting challenge for the… lottery industry to look at, how do we remain a long-term, viable source of generating income for state programs? LITTLE GIRL: Lottery!

Do you hear me!?!?!

Lottery! FEENEY: One of the things that we try to do is tell parents, please don’t give your kids lottery tickets as gifts, particularly at Christmas. It’s just not a good idea. A big indicator of developing a gambling problem isn’t so much what gambling activity you do, it’s the number of different gambling activities that you do.

So people who find themselves in treatment programs are people who are buying lottery tickets, and playing slot machines, and maybe playing cards at the casino while they’re at it, and then gambling when they go out to the bar.

KEVIN: I just lost control. I don’t know. I couldn’t stop. I did just about anything. It was growing to the point where I was lookin’ for things to gamble with.

I mean pull-tabs and stuff, I never did any of that.

But it was to the point where I’d go out to the bar just to do that. And I knew it was a waste of time, I knew it was a waste of money, but I’d still do it. Cleared out the last of my 401K, but I had before that, I borrowed some money from my brother-in-law.

I promised him that I would give him his money back when I got the check from that 401K.

I didn’t go and give him his money back. I went right straight to the casino. And tried to win more. I knew I needed help, and I couldn’t manage anything. I went to a hospital, and I seen the security guys out in the parking lot, and said, “Where do you go if you just don’t wanna live anymore? ”

It’s just that, I was hopeless.

He showed me to the emergency room, and I spent a couple of days in a psych ward. (gentle piano music) They made the phone call to Project Turnabout. (gentle piano music) What I learned was, that people were a lot like me, and I wasn’t alone.

(gentle piano music) NARRATOR: Protected by prairie grass and granite, Project Turnabout in Granite Falls, Minnesota, is a non-profit, 122-bed in-patient campus focused on the treatment of addiction. ZANA BLOMBERG: This is your safe place to share your story.

This quilt was made by past peers and alumni. SHERYL ANDERSON: We’re an inpatient residential program, and what that means is that people do come here, they stay here. Right around 30 days would be the average length of stay.

And we’ll find a counselor that deals specifically with gambling on an outpatient type of basis. Back to wherever they’re from. NARRATOR: There are no FDA-approved medications for treating gambling disorders. Counseling and 12-step Gamblers Anonymous programs are common therapies.

ANDERSON: We meet the best people in the world comin’ through our doors.

They don’t know that they are, they don’t even know that they’re worth anything. But it’s incredible to meet people and to see that glimmer of hope. If you look across the country, there’s no shortage of casino types of gambling venues, whether they be state operated, or tribally operated. In a rural area, there aren’t a lot of things to do.


DENNIS McNEILLY: A lot of the older group hadn’t gambled until gambling became locally available. Some people would refer to this as kind of a hidden addiction among this age group, because the current cohort of older adults tend to be rather stoic, and so they tend to want to take care of their own problems. (gentle music) NARRATOR: Dr. Dennis McNeilly uncovers gambling problems in older adults, here at the Center for Successful Aging, at the University of Nebraska Medical Center.


McNEILLY: We understand it a lot more with the PET scans, with the neuroimaging scans. We understand sort of the corollaries between those who develop gambling problems and sort of how the brain gets lit up as they say, gets activated, similar to folks who have cocaine addiction. So we understand it a lot better, the pathways, and we’re also much better about understanding the cravings that people who are gamblers have. (quiet, intense music) DR. McNEILLY: I always go back to one of the first patients that I saw, they’d had a slight stroke, and then they were in the hospital. And then in the hospital they decided that this person was depressed, so then they asked me to go and see the person and evaluate them.

And in the course of that, I found out that they had, you know, maxed out all their credit cards, and then the couple had to declare bankruptcy, you know.

All because of this sort of unknown, hidden. And the shame, the humiliation. And yet they were trying to get out of this, and trying to get out of this, and got stuck. So I’ve really sort of taken this on, and then thought that this was a good way to educate medical students and our psychiatry residents, so that they start to screen for gambling problems in the same way they screen for tobacco, you know, or alcohol, or anything else. That it’s something that, you know, it’s part of everybody, and it’s certainly gonna be more a part of people’s lives as we have lots of younger folks who, you know, have been attracted and continue to gamble, and gambling becomes very popular, and it’s more culturally mainstream.

BAUERKEMPER: For 30 years I’ve been fighting the federal governments, the state governments, the state agencies, the private industries, the gaming industries, to spend just a little bit of time, effort, and money to help people that have this problem. And with states that either authorize gambling or have their own forms of gambling, you know, I think it’s a public safety issue.

Come on, if you’re gonna do this, and you’re gonna make money at it, help the people who are devastated. You don’t have to help the social gambler that goes in, spends 20 bucks, and that’s it. You have to help the people that aren’t, that spend their life savings.

(quiet, intense music) ELIZABETH: I don’t think people can appreciate a gambling addiction like they do alcohol or drug addiction. I think they think it’s just willpower.

You know, some people might say that about drug and alcohol too, but there’s a chemical that binds and makes you have that addiction. Whereas gambling, it’s a choice that you make to literally walk in the door, plunk your money in, and keep playing until you have no more.

People don’t understand that. That you can’t stop. When it’s an addiction.

(gentle piano music) (quiet, intense music) Captioning by Finke/NET (quiet, intense music) Copyright 2018, NET Foundation for Television.

How to play You’ve Got Crabs

Hi, I’m Jeff Probst and I’m gonna teach you how to play ‘You’ve Got Crabs’ and I’ll be doing it as an itty-bitty crab. Here’s how to play. Pick a partner and split up into teams of two. You and your partner privately decide on a secret signal, such as touching your nose or blinking a lot. Everyone sits across from each other and takes turns drawing crab cards. If you get four matching cards, YOU HAVE CRABS!

Try to communicate this to your partner using your SECRET SIGNAL. If your partner sees your signal and yells “YOU’VE GOT CRABS,” you get points. If an opponent sees your signal and yells “YOU’VE GOT CRABS,” you lose points. Points are crabs. Crabs are points.

Whichever team gets the most crabs wins. Got all that? Terrific. Let’s show you how to set up the game and go over how turns work.

As I said before, you begin by choosing a partner and splitting up into teams of two. (this means that the game requires an even number of players). You and your partner go somewhere in private and devise a SECRET SIGNAL together.

Secret signals can be anything you want, but there are a few restrictions: You can’t communicate words or numbers. It has to be non-vocal. It has to be a visual signal. No coughing or sniffling or anything like that. You can’t use signals that other players are unable to see, like playing footsie under the table. If you’re unsure about your signal being allowed or not, use this rule: if your signal feels like cheating, then it’s probably cheating.

Once everyone has their secret signal worked out, return to the table. Each teammate sits across from each other. Try to sit diagonally if you can, that way your partner can see your secret signal, but your opponents can see it as well. Once everyone is seated, divide the table into two sides. Imagine an invisible line running down the center of the table, splitting up all the teammates. Put the crabbing license on the table and have it pointed at whichever side of the table wants to go first.

Shuffle the deck and deal four cards to each player. Keep your cards secret. Next, deal four cards into the CENTER of the table, face-up. This is THE OCEAN. This is where you’re going to get new cards from.

Place the rest of the deck face-down on the table. Distribute 2 crab tokens (or points) to each player and put 8 crab tokens into the box lid, also known as the CRAB POT. If you have extra tokens, put them back in the crab drawer. You won’t need them. So, here’s how the table should look: Teammates sitting across from each other, preferably diagonally.

Each player has four cards in their hands, kept secret. There are four cards are face-up on the table. Each player starts with two points, and there’s eight points in the crab pot.

There’s an imaginary line dividing the table into two sides. The Crabbing license (aka turn indicator) is pointing at one of these sides. And whichever side it’s pointed at is going to go first.

Now that we’re set up, let’s learn how to play. First off, there are no individual turns. Instead, an entire side of the table plays at the same time.

You play by swapping cards in your hand with cards from the ocean, with the goal of getting FOUR OF A KIND. If you see a card you want, pick it up. But you must immediately put a card down to replace the one you took. This means you’ll always have four cards in your hand, and there are always four cards face-up on the table. So, when the crabbing license is pointed at your side of the table, everyone can start swapping cards from the table to their hand as many times as they want, for as long as they want.

There is no limit to the number of times you can do this. Just remember: for each card you pick up, you MUST put one down, so you’ll only ever have four cards in your hand: and there will always be four cards face-up in the ocean. Again, an entire side of the table plays at once without structured turns, so if you see a card you really want, grab it quickly before someone else does. The goal is to try and get four of a kind in your hand, also known as “having crabs.” The idea here is that while one side of the table is picking up and putting down cards, the other side of the table is watching them, trying to figure out if they have crabs or not. If you get four of a kind, try to communicate this to your partner using your SECRET SIGNAL.

If your partner picks up on your secret signal, points at you, and yells “YOU’VE GOT CRABS” you get a point. Show everyone your cards, discard them, and then and take a crab token from the crab pot. Draw four new cards. If an OPPONENT sees your secret signal, points at you, and is the first one to yell “You’ve got crabs”, you LOSE a point. Show everyone your cards, discard them, and then give this opponent one of your crab tokens. Draw four new cards.

If your teammate accuses you of having crabs, but you don’t actually have crabs, your teammate LOSES a point and must put one of their crab tokens back into the Crab Pot. If this happens, you don’t have to discard your hand. Just keep it and continue playing.

If an opponent accuses you of having crabs but you don’t actually have crabs, then THEY lose a point. But instead of returning it to the crab pot, they must give it to you, the person they accused. Again, if this happens, you don’t have to discard your hand. Just keep it and continue playing. After an accusation is resolved, keep playing.

Also, accusations can happen at any time by either side of the table. Keep swapping cards until there aren’t any left that you want. When this happens, place your cards face-down in front of you to indicate that you’ve finished. When an entire side of the table has all of their cards down, spin the turn indicator so it’s pointing at the other side of the table. It’s now that side’s turn to try and catch crabs by swapping cards from their hand with cards from the table.

This continues until every player on that side has their cards down in front of them, indicating that they’re finished. When this happens, once again, spin the turn indicator to the other side. This process keeps repeating, with the two sides of the table taking turns. Eventually, you’re going to need to replenish The Ocean. This happens when no one wants any cards from the face-up pile on the table, and both sides of the table have put all their cards down.

When this happens, double-check that no players from either side of the table want to swap anything, then discard The Ocean and replenish it with a fresh set from the draw pile. Continue playing from whichever side of the table the crabbing license pointed at it. If the draw pile runs out, reshuffle the discard pile and continue playing. The game ends when there are no more crab tokens in the Crab Pot. You and your partner count up your combined crab tokens.

The team with the most crab tokens wins. And if there’s a tie, the teams that are tied keep playing. The next team to score a point wins the game. That’s it! But before you go play, there’s just a few little things to know.

First thing: you’re not allowed to look through the discard pile. You don’t have to SEE a signal to make an accusation. You can mentally keep track of what cards another player has in their hand.

Your team can devise multiple signals as well as FALSE signals to confuse your opponents. If you have crabs, you don’t have to signal your partner right away. You can hang onto them and wait until the time is right. You and your teammate SHARE points, so when you lose points, it doesn’t matter which of you the points come from.

If your team runs out of of points, you can use the points in the crab pot to pay your debt. And lastly, if you’re playing with fewer than 6 people, the game is more fun if you REMOVE ANY TWO SUITS OF CARDS. For example, remove all the Jab Crabs and all the King Crabs. You don’t have to, it just rebalances the cards a bit so it’s easier to get four-of-a-kind.

I know I know this is a lot to remember, so if you get confused just read the booklet that came with your game or check out our website: That’s it! That’s the whole game! If you’re feeling super-duper confident and you wanna try one last little thing, we have a bonus rule called DOUBLE CRABS. If both members of your team CORRECTLY accuse each other of having crabs at the same time, your team gets to collect 3 Crab Tokens from ANYWHERE on the table. You can take Crab Tokens from other players, from the Crab Pot, or any combination.

The trick is the accusations have to happen within one second of each other, so you have to say them at basically the exact same time. Ok, for reals, That’s it! Thanks for watching, happy crabbing, and BON VOYAGE!

Would an MLS Club Survive The Premier League? – FIFA Showdown | Ep. 3

What’S up guys and welcome to the copa90 studio here in New York City now, fans in MLS can win all the domestic titles they want, but they’ll never be able to ask the question of how they do over in Europe and vice versa. How would a bottom-dwelling European team do in MLS we’re gon na put that to the test? Welcome to the FIFA showdown when we talk soccers hottest topics with hot sauces, so here’s how it’s gon na go down for this episode, we’re gon na put the whole MLS. First year up question to the test using FIFA to simulate or play out three scenarios and bit on the outcomes. Whichever one of us FIFA disagrees with have to consume one of the spiciest hot sauces, we could find in New York City, and if you lose two out of three or more will have to face extreme humiliation.

So Aaron right now we’re one in one with the humiliation, tally. You’Ve had one humiliation I have one so to find out who has that tiebreaker left the way to the end, this episode to find out you’re only as good as your last game is what someone said: okay, so the winner of our live brief football gear. From last time is Ryan Morgan, so congrats to you for this time, we’re going to give away some fifa points and possibly some extra gear as well so same thing as last time. We’Re gon na have common time cards throughout the entire episode, be sure to answer each one to be eligible to win so Toronto FC, they absolutely dominated MLS this last season. They won the MLS Cup. They won the supporters shield, which means it had the most points.

Now we’ve kind of wonder, though: how would they do against maybe some other teams in Europe? I don’t. I don’t think they necessarily be relegated in one of the top leagues.

I think they in Premier League they would probably be Bop bottom four bottom five. We have Giovinco who had offers to play from like mid-table syria clubs. He came from you. They played well at farm well at parma, scored a lot of goals.

There. Jozy Altidore came from the Premier League yeah. I think they, like you, were saying they have some nice pieces right, but I think the whole schedule set up like in the Prem would would probably weigh down them. I don’t think they have the depth yeah, that’s better video through an entire schedule. I think their first 11 could probably hang with a lot of those clubs right beyond. I don’t think they would have the depth to it entire season to be able to sustain it.

It’S a different beast when you’re talking about the Premier League, it’s it’s better! It’S it’s better. It’S a lot better like there’s, there’s no denying right! Mls is still a league, that’s coming up, but the Premier League is way better.

We’Re gon na go ahead and put them in the Premier League and see how they do. I’M going to take the under I’m gon na, take them finishing in the bottom: five. Ah, no disrespect to Toronto FC, but yeah. My reaction is well no disrespect yeah, I just I just don’t know. I agree with the whole rating and they have three and a half stars they’re, based in the same as Huddersfield playing in the Prem.

I would have picked that youth, it okay, here’s the big reveal Toronto in the Prem, no dude. That sounds about right. I, like a respectable 30 points, getting off to a good start here. That’S a good tip right! Oh my god, dude! No, oh my god, wow that hurts tastes delicious, but it is so hot.

Oh, that’s! It’S not going away! Dude yeah!

Okay, dude! I still have nightmares now. Is me eating hot sauce? Oh my all, right, okay! So for this next segment we brought in professional FIFA gamer for the New York Red Bulls, Michael LaBelle, so he’s gon na basically trounce us in FIFA and whoever gets beat the least is considered the winner. I guess all right so uh I feel like he’s, got sweaty hands my duro.

Oh my god, Michael peeling me please just trounce him. No, my palms are so sweaty. I, like my mom spaghetti. Thank you doing that yeah aaron has been known to have iron taste bugs sir, so he might not yeah he’s taking it’s like a chin.

It’S kind of unfair, whether they uh released the tornado move by the way is that this year it’s beautiful. I was watching your videos – oh no don’t do that breath. Oh there’s a had a player on my team. I can do all right.

It’S only a few Carlos. Oh it’s like five players. I think. Okay, I was wondering cuz I saw Griezmann can do it really not monsters he’s one of the promo players, I think, can do it Ronaldo can do it Roberto Carlos?

I think Ronaldinho can do it, for whatever reason I heard I’m kitty can do it. Yeah whoa yeah: do you think the action over power had a chance of going in? I didn’t either. I thought you were crossing that all day no shot exists. What are these voodoo settings that you have right now, because this is not the realize it’s just pure adrenaline and fear and competitive edge? Oh that’s, Olli!

That’S all it is. I don’t want to get embarrassed on national youtubes, I’m so glad you ought to make me eat one of those. We wouldn’t do that. No, I felt like that was coming outside yeah. I’M glad of that.

I love people to want to come on. Yeah you’re a guest – you wouldn’t do that to you, my friend sure all right there, it is Michael, did win, obviously use better um Aaron held his own amen. Now, I’m scared question. I suppose in the tackles, is an extra to it or salty about it. Tell you guys the game I didn’t play in the game before game is the game you’re, obviously very good, and I feel like trash, obviously very good.

This part of the pitch court just wasn’t reacting. He didn’t do anything, here’s the way you should react, eat a nugget and he’s so it feels so bad eat the worm prank. I love the concentration on Frank’s face right now, because I’m in blistering pain, I’m dying.

I love this so much I feel like. I should eat one of these, I’m not very good with hot stuff, either whoa. What up? What a noble guy honestly, that’s cheers all right, good talk, dad yeah!

I respect that a lot actually, I’m gon na need some ID you beforehand. Oh my god! Oh, oh, the pain, oh sure you breathe, that do have crime. Oh that’s, not good! You mind. If we restart.

Is that bad? Oh Aaron? Why are you so happy? How did he do this? I don’t know he’s a row.

Aaron’S a robot. Look at the pain. This is sad, tiny brother, Oh cheers everywhere. I can confirm that the wings are hot, we’re, not the wings.

I’M gon na confirm you don’t want this sauce. I woke up, I know whistle. Oh thank you. You know what you got to do right.

I have to eat two more Nuggets: here’s bro! I just want to go on record as saying that I’m very happy to be here. Okay, so that was the end of the second segment Michael LaBelle thrashed me more than he thrashed Aaron, your great foods player, you’re, uh, you’re brave, to eat that stuff. So, chief, anything you want to go ahead and plug er. Well, I get a pop tag. You’Re gon na get to hop tag appreciate it.

You guys want to follow me on anything at Mike LaBelle, whether it’s on youtube instagram twitter, you name any of the social icons. There are social platforms and I’ve got a lot of content coming up every single day, I’m creating something daily great. Well, thanks a lot Michael yeah, thanks so much for having me, I will eat no more of these.

How about eight one was enough. Clearly we have our resident Brit in the office filner. Then we have Patrick inferna as well. Who talks about soccer. I tried to, and so the for this last one we’re going to kind of flip the whole putting Toronto and the Prem we’re gon na put Huddersfield we’re gon na put them in MLS and see how they would do will they win when they get top three?

What do you guys think I think they’d smash it? They would win the league pleasingly easily the speed the strength. I think every single Premier League player, no matter who it is, whoever they’re playing for there’s a reason they’re playing in that league and ok, India. Yes, Pat, what do you think what a team like Huddersfield do? Well, nonetheless, would they dominate like Pat, like a like said? I think I mean for the sake of argument.

I think I’m gon na say I’m gon na say no. I think Qatar still might win the league, but I think you’re not giving Toronto specifically enough credit. But Toronto is a good team. It’S not just you Ingo mean it’s a Lawrence Bradley, it’s Vasquez, that’s what’s so crazy about Toronto’s team is that they were such a complete roster. Does that I think education of the league, or do you no?

No, no, no so they’re kind of almost. I don’t know my I probably should say how to shield, but I’m saying sir, on Toronto’s gon na win this league Aaron. Are you siding with Pat or your side of a in real life?

I think Huddersfield would win MLS, but this is FIFA. So I’m going to side, I’m gon na his my card Pat and say that they will not win the league all right, ready. Let’S get it we’re gon na load this up, hopefully Huddersfield win ha ha ha.

My man give me the noise. My man give me the night boy bear. Did I head it? Lenny United. That’S interesting!

Ok! Ok, why is 2 y 8? Oh wow? Yes, would you like to have one you can have one I mean? Is it gon na hurt me?

Yes, we have no further. Does he have a high tolerance, cuz he’s not hurting he’d know if he doesn’t very high. You think it’s that bad yeah just do it.

Do it do a little dad, don’t kid! This is that phirni little dip, don’t like that too much! No!

No! That’S fine! Just see it. You should be a little bit. Ok, look at us!

Look at us! Hmm, I’m doing fine. Do any strawberry syrup!

Nobody has syrup all right. So thank you guys. So much for for coming on really appreciate it hate losing the, but I keep doing it so, but here’s the thing Frank keeps losing to me and here’s what happens to him in this week’s episode?

Don`t Play Wild

All that time what spin are you coming out if I come out and give me something worthwhile all right let’s have a decent spin off your motor bikes everywhere yeah that’s a bit better no it didn’t even qualify as a big way it’s not a terrible phone it’s not amazing there was it on for home massively helped by that last spin there what’s the gun for then 212 quit it’s okay in it’s 50 X 50 3x pretty much halfway through the wagering I’ll carry on okay there we go I’ve completed that one I’ve got now two minutes I’ll pause you and I’ll bring you back towards the end and show you what I managed dart the bonus there you go I managed 18 pound 56 it’s all a bit quiet on the free spins to be honest together it takes about 2 seconds per spin unless he comes out and teases you which he did once and then it took ages for him to  off by there 18 pound 56 you can to get the idea. More info about how you should play safe at Casinoslots.

It’s it appears to be wager free it appears that you do you’re wagering before you get awarded it and then whatever you win you win so you kind of get the idea if you fancy a bash at that then you just need to join Betfair using my link because you get the better of the two free spin elevators if you’ve gone through my link if you haven’t gone through my link you’ll still get it in the promotion tab it’s just a little bit worse isn’t it the times are a bit less I’m not sure whether I’ll play for that one because a thousand pounds await you I’ll claim it I’d like to change game though so I’ll go and find a different game and see see weapons I’m going to try on wild wild chest I’m going to do a hundred spins at six quid and then 100 spins at four quid and that’ll be a thousand ways you thinking to see what kind of position I’m in after that I’ll bring you back if any year of the chests land first chest cool I don’t see what it’s going to give swap reels it’s not gonna be the best.

Don’t think you should put this wild here it’s a couple of the gunner suppose their money Wow 75 60 surprise me 75 six there didn’t look that good I suppose I’m on six quid so it’s only like 12 X in it but yeah 200 quid of the wager and don’t carry on go on then let’s up the free spins how slow do you want to go is there a star stops you’re leisurely come on Shirley how have you gone past ing two of them wow talk about a troll tease that was terrible superfast tease again look at a stay at this time this time come on  off Alex shocking that is who’s coming towards the end of the first hundred spins on six squared I’m gonna change it down to four Kuwait.


Development of Online Poker Industry

Gambling or poker has existed in various forms since thousand years ago. Humans have got the natural instinct to survive and adapt, they bear risks and gamble only to get rewarded in return. Generally people may gamble in two ways; one who will be victorious in war and two, who would get the largest piece of land.

Dices and coins are used to learn about one’s fate and such ideas paved the way for casino gambling which is quite popular these days. With the growing popularity of casino gambling and real money at online casino, such as Casinoslots from New Zealand, people have learnt to adapt accordingly. Presently, there is a new wave of casino gambling which has led to the excitement of gambling in the whole world.

History of Online Casino Industry

The online casino industry did not have a convenient start as one would have imagined. The industries easily resolved the issues of addiction to gambling and legalization of poker. Yet majority of the people thought gambling to be immoral and unethical and they started anti-gambling campaigns to fight the legislation. However, online gambling still made its way.

In 1994, the government of Antigua Barbuda passed the legislation called ‘The Free Trade and Processing Zone Act of 1994 which led to the legalization of poker and gambling online. In the same year, Microgaming Company came into existence which was the largest software developer and supplied softwares to online casinos.

In 1995, a company called Cryptologic was formed by Andrew and Paul Rivkin was formed. It developed the first ‘E-cash’ to manage finances in online poker games. While in1997, a company called ‘Starnet Systems International Inc’, was formed to license the customized gaming systems online in exchange of a share from the licensee’s fees.

In 1998, Microgaming Company launched ‘Cash Splash’ which was the first online progressive jackpot slot. In 1999, a company called Boss Media launched gaming software which came with multiplayer functionality. This enabled the players to chat discuss about poker in the online casinos.

In 2000, UK territories of Gibraltar and Isle of Man provided online sports betting licenses. And in the same year, a company called ‘Casino Sur’ was formed in Argentina and it became the first online casino operating

In 2003, a company called eCogra was formed which provided operating framework and compliance for online betting and poker games. While in 2005, the government of Antigua filed a lawsuit against the US government on the basis that the anti- US online gambling laws violated WTO agreement on trade in services.

The Most Practical Information About Online Gambling

Quite simply it means that gambling is done on the Internet. There are innumerable sites online where one can easily gamble. There are innumerable virtual casinos and all that one requires for payment is a valid credit card. It’s easily accessible to those who have a computer access to Internet connection and the will to play.

There is no harm in online gambling. In fact all of us have gambled online, given the easy access to the Internet. The fallout happens when people start getting addicted to online gambling. Or when people start using their welfare checks to gamble online. In fact it can become dangerous since a person can keep on playing for 24 hours without any check. This is especially true for unsupervised teenagers or elderly.

Though online gambling happens in the virtual world, it definitely affects those who stay in the real world. Studies have shown that there is a correlation between legalized gambling and the increase in rate of criminal activities in the area. Since online gambling is in the virtual world, the effects are spread out over many countries and regions.

In fact it’s estimated that 40% of all white-collar crimes are committed by gamblers especially credit card fraud and insurance claims frauds to pay for their gambling money. US also loses $40 million in lost wages and man-hours due to gambling each year. In fact online gambling is so easy that a person sitting in the office can easily gamble without been checked. Therefore many companies have blocked out such sites or have installed firewalls in order to restrict people from reaching such sites.

According to a National Gambling Impact Study Commission, the number of online gamblers more than doubled in 1998 from 1997 to 6.9 million and revenues rose to more than $651 million up from $300 million. In fact the companies, which were involved in making the software for online gaming sites, also saw a jump in their revenues. The online gambling software industry during the same time saw their revenues jump from $445 million to $991 million.

There are no separate studies to show the jump in the revenues for the credit card industry during the same time. The economics of building an online gambling site is also music to the ears of the investors. It takes about $300 to build a mortar and brick casino, whereas it takes about $1.5 million to make a virtual gambling site.

There are innumerable sites, which offer online gambling facilities. They provide secure transaction getaways to their customers and provide a variety of games on their sites. Almost all sites have free sections, where a person can play for free (without making any payment). There are other lucrative offers such as bonus on winning, fast payouts etc.

Thus online gambling is here to stay as gambling and gamblers will never go out of fashion.


Beware of Casino Traps

Casinos are no less than any fantasy world. Every movement and activities in the casino makes the heart thump with excitement. The music, lights, dance, magic and every other entertainment has a touch of glitz and glamour. The cunning and shrewd casino houses lay several traps and if anyone becomes careless, they become a prey to these deadly traps. One must be very well aware of these traps before heading for offline gambling.

Before hitting the casino, one should make a proper estimation of money he would like to spend in the casino and in what areas. It is also very essential to stick to the estimation.

Control your greed. Greedy in gamble can cause great nuisances. One should stop playing after winning one or two rounds; else it does not take time for winners to turn losers.

The casinos deliberately do not have any clocks and watches. It is very easy to lose the sense of time while gambling offline. One should never forget to wear a watch before entering the casino. It is also important to fix a deadline or time limit.

The casinos also provide with attractive exciting offers to encourage people to come more often to the casinos. Many casinos serve free drinks while playing. Some even provide free care facilities to their guests. Never fall for these offers. Remember, the more lucrative the offer, the more money flows out of the pocket. These offers will simply lure you to visit the casino regularly. It is one of the deadliest traps.

While gambling offline, the hard cash is converted into red and green chips. It is easy to lose the value and importance of money when one sees the chips. Never forget the fact while playing, that these chips are money.

If one adheres to stick to these facts before the gambling starts it reduced to a great extent the risks involved in offline gambling.

Gamble wisely to prevent sabotage

Online gambling is becoming popular each day. With the increase of internet users, there has been a tremendous rise in online gaming. The fifteen hundred online sites available on the net is a proof of its popularity. And this number is increasing every day.

Online gaming is a luxury in itself. People having 24/7 access to the internet can at any wee hour of the day play and win bags of cash and royalties. The most cunning part of this game is even if you lose you do not feel disheartened. In fact, you want to play more and spend more. This ultimately results in huge amount of debts, especially when one is playing online, as he loses the track of money he has. While playing online one does not have to pay in hard cash and therefore, one finds it less difficult to let go his money. This is definitely one of the root causes of online gambling debts.

People often have the tendency of trying to win back the huge losses he has made while gambling. Many a times he is unsuccessful and end up losing even more and thereby increasing his debts. In this ways, he finds himself entangled in a circle which he is often unable to break through.

The effect of this damage done is often very grave. The gamblers, in most occasions, are unable to pay back the debts and ends up either in jail or committing suicide. The United States government has found a way to solve the problem of these gamblers. The government is now providing the gamblers with loans so that they can repay their debts.

However, the situation becomes more serious when the gamblers develops emotional and psychological problem because of their inability to repay debts. They often become violent, aggressive and often beating up family members and children. Thus it is always prudent to think and play.


All You Need to Know About Poker Tables



In the age of Internet and computers no one has the time to buy the article that is needed in our daily life. In the same way we can purchase different types of poker tables from the internet. But there are some systematic steps in buying the poker table by the help of Internet.

There are various website those sell the poker tables. They have the lists of poker tables with all details about it. Sometimes you can get the picture of the poker tables. It will be easy for you to buy the tables in this way.

Select the correct table. It shall not become to much small or big in the room therefore you must take care about the size of the poker table and also the room where it will be placed. You will get the different sized table to play.

If the room is not enough big then go for a medium sized poker table.

Another important point to be noted that choose or select the color of the poker table through the internet. You must choose the table’s color according to the color of the room. In most of the casinos the owners spend money in the decoration of the poker table along with the interiors’ of the rooms. They change the decoration every year to attract more and more people.

Many poker table manufacturers give out the advertisement in different websites about their products. You may go to such websites to buy and choose the table.

After selecting the poker table you must look out for the price of the table. It is up to you that which one you will buy. Check out the mode of payment with the websites. Take every detail about the transportation charges and all other necessary information about the poker table.

If you have any problem in the process of buying and after buying it you may consult with the company and they will be ready if you have any such problems in the work. Buying the poker table through the internet is quite easy and more over it is hassle free.


The poker tables are must in any casinos. Poker is very much adorable games for any gambler. It is the table game where a good amount of luck is associated with. But to make the casino full then the owners must keep the best quality of the table. It will able to make the crowd if the casino possesses the best quality of the poker tables.

The poker tables are the most attractive tools in the casino, so it the table tops must be selected with every detail. The poker table top is the place where lots of games will be played. It is the place where the players will lose and win the games. So the table tops must be very much durable and it must be hard enough to play up on it.

The table tops are prepared with the piece of plywood. It is the first or the base of the table top. Up on the piece of plywood poker cloth is spread up on. It gives the lustrous look of the table. The table tops are of different color like green, red, cherry etc.

Some of the poker table tops are finding to be preparing with the fine wood and leather. These kinds of tops are very much expensive. If you have the money in the wallet then you can for the premium quality of the table tops.

Different types of shape are available for each poker table. Some of them are in the shape of octagonal, oval, and round. It is up to the owner that which one will be their choice. There are ready made poker tables available in the market. The size of the standard poker table is 91““x 46““ and in this table eight players can be play once at a time. So it is quite large and big.

The offline poker tables are some what different from the online poker table. Pokers can be played on the internet too and it’s quite different from the offline. In the online poker games the table tops changes in every round.


Welcome to Online Casinos

Today, outdoor leisure has taken the back seat because of the long working hours and hectic schedules of people. And computers have become a significant source for sports entertainment. Internet computer games came into existence in the 90s, and now have become a significant source of entertainment in the form of online casinos. You can choose any of the casino games according to your preferences. Online casinos today have emerged as an industry. These games are easy to access and play. Your just have to use your credit card and can start online gambling within minutes.

The Internet has become the indispensable part for each one of us. If talk about the online casinos nothing can defeat them and the profit they earn is much more than the land based casinos. Most of the online casinos offer all the games which are there in any land based casino but the most popular them are the card game.

The card games are the most popular with the online casinos because earlier when the computers came they had the card games with them. Because of that the people are already interested in the card games and when they see online casinos offering them they get attracted towards them. While playing at the online casinos what needs to be taken care of is that one opts for the best which is legal and is safe to play with. While playing online one will come across many such casinos which won’t pay the earned money and nor will let you withdraw from them. So to be careful in choosing among the online casinos is a must and one should use one’s wits in choosing the same.

While visiting any online casino, generally the people think that the card games or other games they play in the casinos are entirely different but it’s not. Rather when playing online one can concentrate more as would be playing the privacy of home away from all noise as in the land based casinos. There are many games to choose from but the card games have there own charm and the conception that card games online are complicated is a pure misconception. One can easily sit at home and earn a fortune out of the games being offered. In the online casinos one has two options those of playing for real money and for fun. Here one can go ahead and play for fun and learn all the rules of the game, once satisfied can switch to the option of playing for real money. There are card games like blackjack which if played with using one’s wits can really earn a fortune for the player. To play this game you need to have basic knowledge about the game, as the game requires strategy and plan. Roulette is another online game, which is quite easy to play. The other games offered by the online casinos are the Online Video Poker, Online Bingo and Online Keno etc.

While playing online you have the option to first learn the game and then play it. Here one is not completely at the mercy of luck but can go ahead and win by using one’s wits and skills of gaming. All you require is to sit back and enjoy playing with the casino in the privacy of your room.  


The Most Practical Video Poker Tips

Poker is one of the most popular casino games, both offline and online. For a beginner, it is one of the easiest games to learn. You usually play video poker against a machine and game demands combination of Luck and Skill. Video poker is one amongst the few online casino games, where you truly have the chance to win the game and have real fun. You might have got fascinated, at some point of time, by the flashy images and bright colors of video poker. Video poker games are paradox of beauty and frustration. Because winning jackpot or money is not as easy as it looks. So, if you want to win the jackpot, here are things which you can take care of.

With every game of odds, huge money is involved. You should decide how much money you are willing to lose. Draw a line before you begin; in case you are losing, after this specific amount is lost, you would quit. Video poker is more about luck, so plan how much you are willing to risk and stick to it. Most of the players keep driving the coins into the machine, hoping their fortune is going to change. But, they end up losing all their money, so plan before you start your game.

Don’t take hasty decisions while pursuing a strategy. Take your time, there are no other people involved, so your programmed opponent will be patient with you. There are no video pokers available, with a time limit, so don’t feel pressurized and rushed. So make sure, you have carefully analyzed your cards, with each hand. Until you’re ready, don’t hit the draw button.

Any budding poker player can check the payout program before he actually starts playing. This plan gives you the clear idea of how much will be rewarded for each winning hand. Always play at full play machines. In improved poker games 9/6 is considered full pay; 9 coins are rewarded for a Full House whereas 6 are paid out for a Flush.

Always play maximum coins and choose a machine which gives the best reward to your coins. Most of the players play for fewer coins, as they have a wrong notion in their mind that it will keep them longer in the game. But truth is playing with fewer coins does not guarantee playing longer. But for novice players lower coin machine can be the best option, because it gives them opportunity to play longer with less coin.

Beginners should first practice their video poker for free version of the game available to you at online casinos. It will not only help in building your confidence in playing the game but also sharpen your skills. Take help of these online video poker games to gain experience and develop your strategy before you putting your money.

Video poker offers you as much fun as playing regular poker. You can have all the fun playing online video poker, without even losing the comfort of your home.


All You Need to Know About Careful Betting

Gambling as a sport always was and will be a significant means of entertainment and pastime for rich as well as poor. Though different social organizations, link gambling with cynic act, yet many take it as an interesting hobby and amazing entertainment source. For some, it is a game of fortune and luck, whereas few think it, as a game of strategies and plans. Today, we cannot imagine casinos, without gambling games. Gambling is pure business and involves huge money. Millions of people everyday, visit casinos and gamble their money with a hope that someday they will win a handsome amount or a huge jackpot.

The people have been tempted towards gambling from the prehistoric times. But it had never fascinated the millions of admirers, as it has today. Gambling has gone through revolutionary changes with the emergence of casinos. Initially, it was land casinos which dominate the picture, but today virtual casinos are also earning fame for itself.

Land based casinos or online casinos are all about gambling. The cyber casinos are popular because they are easily accessible and bring entertainment, of real casinos directly to your home. You don’t have to deal with crowd found in real casinos and you can have everything according to your preferences. You can choose any game and play it without losing the comfort of your home. On the other hand, land based casinos have always been popular among tourists as they offer exciting games, vibrant nightlife, live entertainment events, tranquil destinations and luxurious accommodations. These casinos are perfect getaway for visitors from tiring and hectic schedule.

Today, gambling industry is on the top of social map, just for the one reason; it has engaged a good amount of people which ultimately helps in fighting against unemployment. There are websites and even land based casinos which propose charity gambling for the players. These donate their profit percentages and frequently contribute financial help to various foundations. Every year millions of gamblers try their luck with land base as well as online casino games.

Originally, gambling was created as a popular alternative for fun and entertainment. Although there were gamblers who took the game to the extreme levels and took it as a key for their financial freedom, which didn’t set a good example. But today, gamblers find the entertainment value in gaming, so emphasis is more on a positive side. And ultimately it’s your decision, do you rule this gambling habit or does this gambling rule you? So, play safe and be secured.