Development of Online Poker Industry

Gambling or poker has existed in various forms since thousand years ago. Humans have got the natural instinct to survive and adapt, they bear risks and gamble only to get rewarded in return. Generally people may gamble in two ways; one who will be victorious in war and two, who would get the largest piece of land.

Dices and coins are used to learn about one’s fate and such ideas paved the way for casino gambling which is quite popular these days. With the growing popularity of casino gambling and real money at online casino, such as Casinoslots from New Zealand, people have learnt to adapt accordingly. Presently, there is a new wave of casino gambling which has led to the excitement of gambling in the whole world.

History of Online Casino Industry

The online casino industry did not have a convenient start as one would have imagined. The industries easily resolved the issues of addiction to gambling and legalization of poker. Yet majority of the people thought gambling to be immoral and unethical and they started anti-gambling campaigns to fight the legislation. However, online gambling still made its way.

In 1994, the government of Antigua Barbuda passed the legislation called ‘The Free Trade and Processing Zone Act of 1994 which led to the legalization of poker and gambling online. In the same year, Microgaming Company came into existence which was the largest software developer and supplied softwares to online casinos.

In 1995, a company called Cryptologic was formed by Andrew and Paul Rivkin was formed. It developed the first ‘E-cash’ to manage finances in online poker games. While in1997, a company called ‘Starnet Systems International Inc’, was formed to license the customized gaming systems online in exchange of a share from the licensee’s fees.

In 1998, Microgaming Company launched ‘Cash Splash’ which was the first online progressive jackpot slot. In 1999, a company called Boss Media launched gaming software which came with multiplayer functionality. This enabled the players to chat discuss about poker in the online casinos.

In 2000, UK territories of Gibraltar and Isle of Man provided online sports betting licenses. And in the same year, a company called ‘Casino Sur’ was formed in Argentina and it became the first online casino operating

In 2003, a company called eCogra was formed which provided operating framework and compliance for online betting and poker games. While in 2005, the government of Antigua filed a lawsuit against the US government on the basis that the anti- US online gambling laws violated WTO agreement on trade in services.

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