Don`t Play Wild

All that time what spin are you coming out if I come out and give me something worthwhile all right let’s have a decent spin off your motor bikes everywhere yeah that’s a bit better no it didn’t even qualify as a big way it’s not a terrible phone it’s not amazing there was it on for home massively helped by that last spin there what’s the gun for then 212 quit it’s okay in it’s 50 X 50 3x pretty much halfway through the wagering I’ll carry on okay there we go I’ve completed that one I’ve got now two minutes I’ll pause you and I’ll bring you back towards the end and show you what I managed dart the bonus there you go I managed 18 pound 56 it’s all a bit quiet on the free spins to be honest together it takes about 2 seconds per spin unless he comes out and teases you which he did once and then it took ages for him to  off by there 18 pound 56 you can to get the idea. More info about how you should play safe at Casinoslots.

It’s it appears to be wager free it appears that you do you’re wagering before you get awarded it and then whatever you win you win so you kind of get the idea if you fancy a bash at that then you just need to join Betfair using my link because you get the better of the two free spin elevators if you’ve gone through my link if you haven’t gone through my link you’ll still get it in the promotion tab it’s just a little bit worse isn’t it the times are a bit less I’m not sure whether I’ll play for that one because a thousand pounds await you I’ll claim it I’d like to change game though so I’ll go and find a different game and see see weapons I’m going to try on wild wild chest I’m going to do a hundred spins at six quid and then 100 spins at four quid and that’ll be a thousand ways you thinking to see what kind of position I’m in after that I’ll bring you back if any year of the chests land first chest cool I don’t see what it’s going to give swap reels it’s not gonna be the best.

Don’t think you should put this wild here it’s a couple of the gunner suppose their money Wow 75 60 surprise me 75 six there didn’t look that good I suppose I’m on six quid so it’s only like 12 X in it but yeah 200 quid of the wager and don’t carry on go on then let’s up the free spins how slow do you want to go is there a star stops you’re leisurely come on Shirley how have you gone past ing two of them wow talk about a troll tease that was terrible superfast tease again look at a stay at this time this time come on  off Alex shocking that is who’s coming towards the end of the first hundred spins on six squared I’m gonna change it down to four Kuwait.

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