Playing at several tables


Online poker offers the possibility to play at multiple tables. You can play at multiple sites and many of them will allow you to play at several tables at the same time. However, sometimes the different software might interfere with one another. You will have to find out which sites work best for you.

There are different ways to manage your play at multiple tables:

You can manually change back and forth between the tables

You can let the software alert you when it’s time for you to act.

You can regulate your screen size in order to see all the tables at once.

Money swings

If you play at multiple tables you have to be prepared for greater short-term money swings. Sometimes you will lose at all tables and sometimes you will win at all tables. On the other hand, because you’re able to play more than one hand at once, your long-term variation is likely to be smaller. If you’re a winning player, you will increase hourly winning rate by playing multiple tables. Consequently, if you’re a losing player you will increase your hourly losing rate.

Multiple tables – pros and cons

Playing at multiple tables can make your game more solid. Since you will be playing more hands the risk of getting impatient will be smaller.

As mentioned, if you’re a winning player you’re likely to improve your hourly winning rate by playing at multiple tables. If you normally make one big bet an hour playing at one table, you will make three big bets an hour at three tables.

It’s harder to keep track of the opponents when playing at multiple tables. Consequently, you may develop a mechanical style of play, where you’re not able to adjust your strategy in accordance with the game.

You will have less time to make decisions and might make mistakes as a result of this.

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