Would an MLS Club Survive The Premier League? – FIFA Showdown | Ep. 3

What’S up guys and welcome to the copa90 studio here in New York City now, fans in MLS can win all the domestic titles they want, but they’ll never be able to ask the question of how they do over in Europe and vice versa. How would a bottom-dwelling European team do in MLS we’re gon na put that to the test? Welcome to the FIFA showdown when we talk soccers hottest topics with hot sauces, so here’s how it’s gon na go down for this episode, we’re gon na put the whole MLS. First year up question to the test using FIFA to simulate or play out three scenarios and bit on the outcomes. Whichever one of us FIFA disagrees with have to consume one of the spiciest hot sauces, we could find in New York City, and if you lose two out of three or more will have to face extreme humiliation.

So Aaron right now we’re one in one with the humiliation, tally. You’Ve had one humiliation I have one so to find out who has that tiebreaker left the way to the end, this episode to find out you’re only as good as your last game is what someone said: okay, so the winner of our live brief football gear. From last time is Ryan Morgan, so congrats to you for this time, we’re going to give away some fifa points and possibly some extra gear as well so same thing as last time. We’Re gon na have common time cards throughout the entire episode, be sure to answer each one to be eligible to win so Toronto FC, they absolutely dominated MLS this last season. They won the MLS Cup. They won the supporters shield, which means it had the most points.

Now we’ve kind of wonder, though: how would they do against maybe some other teams in Europe? I don’t. I don’t think they necessarily be relegated in one of the top leagues.

I think they in Premier League they would probably be Bop bottom four bottom five. We have Giovinco who had offers to play from like mid-table syria clubs. He came from you. They played well at farm well at parma, scored a lot of goals.

There. Jozy Altidore came from the Premier League yeah. I think they, like you, were saying they have some nice pieces right, but I think the whole schedule set up like in the Prem would would probably weigh down them. I don’t think they have the depth yeah, that’s better video through an entire schedule. I think their first 11 could probably hang with a lot of those clubs right beyond. I don’t think they would have the depth to it entire season to be able to sustain it.

It’S a different beast when you’re talking about the Premier League, it’s it’s better! It’S it’s better. It’S a lot better like there’s, there’s no denying right! Mls is still a league, that’s coming up, but the Premier League is way better.

We’Re gon na go ahead and put them in the Premier League and see how they do. I’M going to take the under I’m gon na, take them finishing in the bottom: five. Ah, no disrespect to Toronto FC, but yeah. My reaction is well no disrespect yeah, I just I just don’t know. I agree with the whole rating and they have three and a half stars they’re, based in the same as Huddersfield playing in the Prem.

I would have picked that youth, it okay, here’s the big reveal Toronto in the Prem, no dude. That sounds about right. I, like a respectable 30 points, getting off to a good start here. That’S a good tip right! Oh my god, dude! No, oh my god, wow that hurts tastes delicious, but it is so hot.

Oh, that’s! It’S not going away! Dude yeah!

Okay, dude! I still have nightmares now. Is me eating hot sauce? Oh my all, right, okay! So for this next segment we brought in professional FIFA gamer for the New York Red Bulls, Michael LaBelle, so he’s gon na basically trounce us in FIFA and whoever gets beat the least is considered the winner. I guess all right so uh I feel like he’s, got sweaty hands my duro.

Oh my god, Michael peeling me please just trounce him. No, my palms are so sweaty. I, like my mom spaghetti. Thank you doing that yeah aaron has been known to have iron taste bugs sir, so he might not yeah he’s taking it’s like a chin.

It’S kind of unfair, whether they uh released the tornado move by the way is that this year it’s beautiful. I was watching your videos – oh no don’t do that breath. Oh there’s a had a player on my team. I can do all right.

It’S only a few Carlos. Oh it’s like five players. I think. Okay, I was wondering cuz I saw Griezmann can do it really not monsters he’s one of the promo players, I think, can do it Ronaldo can do it Roberto Carlos?

I think Ronaldinho can do it, for whatever reason I heard I’m kitty can do it. Yeah whoa yeah: do you think the action over power had a chance of going in? I didn’t either. I thought you were crossing that all day no shot exists. What are these voodoo settings that you have right now, because this is not the realize it’s just pure adrenaline and fear and competitive edge? Oh that’s, Olli!

That’S all it is. I don’t want to get embarrassed on national youtubes, I’m so glad you ought to make me eat one of those. We wouldn’t do that. No, I felt like that was coming outside yeah. I’M glad of that.

I love people to want to come on. Yeah you’re a guest – you wouldn’t do that to you, my friend sure all right there, it is Michael, did win, obviously use better um Aaron held his own amen. Now, I’m scared question. I suppose in the tackles, is an extra to it or salty about it. Tell you guys the game I didn’t play in the game before game is the game you’re, obviously very good, and I feel like trash, obviously very good.

This part of the pitch court just wasn’t reacting. He didn’t do anything, here’s the way you should react, eat a nugget and he’s so it feels so bad eat the worm prank. I love the concentration on Frank’s face right now, because I’m in blistering pain, I’m dying.

I love this so much I feel like. I should eat one of these, I’m not very good with hot stuff, either whoa. What up? What a noble guy honestly, that’s cheers all right, good talk, dad yeah!

I respect that a lot actually, I’m gon na need some ID you beforehand. Oh my god! Oh, oh, the pain, oh sure you breathe, that do have crime. Oh that’s, not good! You mind. If we restart.

Is that bad? Oh Aaron? Why are you so happy? How did he do this? I don’t know he’s a row.

Aaron’S a robot. Look at the pain. This is sad, tiny brother, Oh cheers everywhere. I can confirm that the wings are hot, we’re, not the wings.

I’M gon na confirm you don’t want this sauce. I woke up, I know whistle. Oh thank you. You know what you got to do right.

I have to eat two more Nuggets: here’s bro! I just want to go on record as saying that I’m very happy to be here. Okay, so that was the end of the second segment Michael LaBelle thrashed me more than he thrashed Aaron, your great foods player, you’re, uh, you’re brave, to eat that stuff. So, chief, anything you want to go ahead and plug er. Well, I get a pop tag. You’Re gon na get to hop tag appreciate it.

You guys want to follow me on anything at Mike LaBelle, whether it’s on youtube instagram twitter, you name any of the social icons. There are social platforms and I’ve got a lot of content coming up every single day, I’m creating something daily great. Well, thanks a lot Michael yeah, thanks so much for having me, I will eat no more of these.

How about eight one was enough. Clearly we have our resident Brit in the office filner. Then we have Patrick inferna as well. Who talks about soccer. I tried to, and so the for this last one we’re going to kind of flip the whole putting Toronto and the Prem we’re gon na put Huddersfield we’re gon na put them in MLS and see how they would do will they win when they get top three?

What do you guys think I think they’d smash it? They would win the league pleasingly easily the speed the strength. I think every single Premier League player, no matter who it is, whoever they’re playing for there’s a reason they’re playing in that league and ok, India. Yes, Pat, what do you think what a team like Huddersfield do? Well, nonetheless, would they dominate like Pat, like a like said? I think I mean for the sake of argument.

I think I’m gon na say I’m gon na say no. I think Qatar still might win the league, but I think you’re not giving Toronto specifically enough credit. But Toronto is a good team. It’S not just you Ingo mean it’s a Lawrence Bradley, it’s Vasquez, that’s what’s so crazy about Toronto’s team is that they were such a complete roster. Does that I think education of the league, or do you no?

No, no, no so they’re kind of almost. I don’t know my I probably should say how to shield, but I’m saying sir, on Toronto’s gon na win this league Aaron. Are you siding with Pat or your side of a in real life?

I think Huddersfield would win MLS, but this is FIFA. So I’m going to side, I’m gon na his my card Pat and say that they will not win the league all right, ready. Let’S get it we’re gon na load this up, hopefully Huddersfield win ha ha ha.

My man give me the noise. My man give me the night boy bear. Did I head it? Lenny United. That’S interesting!

Ok! Ok, why is 2 y 8? Oh wow? Yes, would you like to have one you can have one I mean? Is it gon na hurt me?

Yes, we have no further. Does he have a high tolerance, cuz he’s not hurting he’d know if he doesn’t very high. You think it’s that bad yeah just do it.

Do it do a little dad, don’t kid! This is that phirni little dip, don’t like that too much! No!

No! That’S fine! Just see it. You should be a little bit. Ok, look at us!

Look at us! Hmm, I’m doing fine. Do any strawberry syrup!

Nobody has syrup all right. So thank you guys. So much for for coming on really appreciate it hate losing the, but I keep doing it so, but here’s the thing Frank keeps losing to me and here’s what happens to him in this week’s episode?